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Street skating 2

Enjoy Street Skating 2 game for free at, and much more Skate online games!. Kongregate free online game Street Skating 2 - v. Play Street Skating 2. Street Skating 2. Pour your pop corn bowl, get comfy and play the game for a few minutes. Use your mouse or keyboard in this game. Keep the score and try to.

In this sequel you'll have to cross the city on your skate and do all kinds of tricks on urban furniture. STREET SKATING 2. Skate down a city-street while performing stunts for points. See in-game 'how to play' for a full list of controls. Return to Not Doppler. Can you guys please hack the game called "Street Skating 2" from Tea Games? Here is the link.

Street skateboarding involves the use of urban obstacles like flip and spin faster and to make performing tricks easier. Yeah, such a wise and seamless choice in flash game design Edited PM. Also this site used to be the pinnacle of awesome site design and physics.