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Binder break up app

Tinder has helped many a lonely soul find love via their smartphone. Now there's an app that does the complete opposite. "Binder" allows relationship-weary men and women to enter a partner's gender, name and number and then, like the app that inspired it, swipe right to "bin" them. Binder, which is available for iOS and Android, allows users to end a relationship with just one swipe to the right. To use the Binder app, you choose the gender of your significant other, add their name and phone number, choose from a list of harsh reasons for ending the relationship, and swipe right. Styled off Tinder, a new app called Binder will send a snarky text and voicemail to your partner to break the news that you're officially donezo. It's like sending an insensitive breakup text on your own but times lazier.

The new Binder app will break up with your current mate for you via a text and prerecorded voicemail. The app was developed as a joke but. "It's all well and good having the app to find the one, but what about when you start Binder is the new breakup app available in the U.K. Get it?. But, good news: Now you can end your relationship the lazy way with an app that will handle your breakup for you. It's called Binder and it's.

New app Binder from Tennent's Lager allows you to dump people in a Tinder- esque right swipe. They'll text the dumpee and leave them a. Betsy Morais talks to the creators Binder, a new breakup app. The Binder break up app is for people who just don't have the heart - or guts - to break up face to face. In an age where technology is everywhere and practically inescapable it's surprising a break up app hasn't already been created. Enter Binder.