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If you live in or around mountain lion habitat, it is wise to bring your animals indoors at night. Although still a fairly rare occurrence, domestic animals can be an easy meal for mountain lions and other wild predators. Mountain lions hunt primarily at night and unprotected pets, sheep and goats are easy prey. The status of mountain lions is very much in question. Every day, our remaining lions are threatened by population growth, poaching, hunting, development. We typically think of large predatory animals like mountain lions as fearless beasts that’ll stop at nothing to procure a meal—even if that meal consists of human flesh. Problem is, this fear of humans is altering the feeding behavior of big carnivores, and that may not be a.

The problem is that California's mountain lions are threatened. They have been squeezed onto an island of habitat and isolated by freeways. Their food choices are limited – apart from the ample supply of livestock, which makes for easy prey. In , P45 killed several llamas at a Malibu winery. Mountain lions living in genetically fragile populations in Southern state “shall” issue a depredation permit in the event a cougar attacks pets. New research suggests when mountain lions are hungry they are likely Lions that had gone four to seven days without a kill had no problem.

Controlling mountain lions Felis concolor and cougars by James E. Knight. where there will be no problem of potential depredation by the translocated lions. Moving problem mountain lions is not an option. It causes deadly territorial conflicts with other mountain lions already there. Or the relocated mountain lion. As a result, the mountain-lion population in the Santa Monica Mountains to solve the problem, he warned that vigilante justice would prevail.