New blackberry messenger voice chat download


New blackberry messenger voice chat

You can use BBM Voice to make a call over a Wi-Fi network to any of your contacts. If you're using a headset or the speaker, you can multi-task during a call by. With BBM version , you'll have the ability to voice chat with your BBM contacts over Wi-FiĀ®. This is a significant update to the platform and its. It's a big addition to the BBM real-time chat app, a service that T.A. McCann, RIM's VP of BBM and Social Communities says "we pioneered and.

If your device or your contact's device doesn't support BBM video chats, your call is connected with voice only. Depending on your device, this feature might not. BlackBerry Messenger users have a nice new perk headed their way which enables free voice calls over Wi-Fi. Video chat is coming to BlackBerry Messenger. The functionality will be available on the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone BBM Voice Chat.

BBM on Android and iOS now has video chat. on Android and iOS can now try out BBM's new video chat feature, called BBM Video, currently in beta. BlackBerry added voice calling to BBM for Android and iOS in The latest update to RIM's BlackBerry Messenger adds voice support, RIM kicked off the new BBM voice calling through the app's beta last month and said the BlackBerry Messenger gets support for voice chats over Wi-Fi. BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) today released a new, beta version of its popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) chat app, BBM