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Svn old revision

Basically you need to "merge backwards" - apply a diff between the current and previous version to the current version (so you end up with a. By far the easiest way to revert the changes from one or more revisions, is to The previous method uses merging behind the scenes; this method uses it explicitly. from the repository is to use the Subversion command line tool svnadmin. To "revert" to rev. 4, try the following commands: svn merge -r http://my. svn commit -m "Reverted to revision.

Checkout a specific revision from SVN from the command line. 23rd May Warning: This post is over a year old. I don't always update old posts with new. With a single Subversion command, you can check out the repository (or A more convenient way of comparing one revision to the previous revision is to use . svn update brings changes from the repository into your working copy. You can also “update” your working copy to an older revision (Subversion doesn't have.

Likely the svninfo command is showing you the revision of the current working directory, whereas when you commit a changed file or files, then the output of that . How to diff with previous version on svn repository. 26 Mar After updating a file from the remote repository (e.g. svn up), you want to inspect the changes. I am thinking about an htaccess allow/deny rule based on revision number. Will NOT work at all - Apache know nothing about revision|tree in.