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Nimsoft infrastructure manager

Provide Feedback. If you have comments or questions about Nimsoft product documentation, you can .. Chapter 3: Infrastructure Manager Reference Guide. On a Windows primary hub, Infrastructure Manager is installed with UIM Server. Under UIM Server Administration, click Infrastructure Manager to download the installer file. You must select which components to install: Infrastructure Manager and/or Alarm SubConsole. Internet Archive in Infrastructure Manager packages directly from support.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) provides a single, analytics- driven solution for proactively and efficiently managing modern, cloud and hybrid IT. You can perform updates to Infrastructure Manager by downloading and running the latest version of the Infrastructure Manager installer. Nimsoft was an independent company software vendor that offered information technology (IT) Nimsoft products monitor and manage business services and specific systems within the IT infrastructure, including network components, servers, In April , Nimsoft announced its Unified Manager, software combining IT. Contact Customer Assistance: from Unified Infrastructure Management. Unified Infrastructure Management Downloads. Download technical. Hey Team I need to do the following using nimsoft infrastructure manager ver 1) Create a new template, selecting the. Please keep the license file handy during the entire process. 1. In Infrastructure Manager (IM) open Licenses under Archive 2. Copy entire.