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Oracle loadjava utility

The loadjava tool creates schema objects from files and loads them into a schema. Schema objects can be created from Java source, class, and data files. The loadjava tool accepts Java Archive (JAR) files that contain either source and resource files or class and resource files. When you pass a JAR or ZIP file to. Many Java classes, referenced only by other Java classes, are never published. To load Java stored procedures automatically, you use the command-line utility.

The loadjava utility (in Oracle and up) loads Java source and class files into the database. When class files are created in a conventional manner, outside. I have not been able to locate the loadjava utility. Does it come with the Remember that I only have the Oracle 9i client installed. Do you think I should try . loadjava is a utility application for Oracle databases which uploads Java files using the SQL CREATE JAVA statement to load the Java files into the Oracle.

Is there a loadjava utility for OSX or a way to load my java classes to Oracle database from mac os? I am trying to execute a java stored. The loadjava utility is an operating system command-line utility that uploads Java Figure illustrates the loading of Java objects into the Oracle database. loadjava is another command line utility like loadpsp. This utility is not widely used and hence is not widely known. The utility can be used in situations. Oracle provides the $ORACLE_HOME/bin/loadjava utility that you can use to install the client files into the database server.