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iprntcmd - iprint administrative utility. SYNTAX. iprntcmd iprntcmd provides command-line functionality for iPrint administrative tasks on . The Linux and Macintosh iPrint Clients include the iprntcmd utility that performs the same functions as iprntcmd in the Windows iPrint Client. In addition, you can . This command can be invoked from a Novell Login Script by inserting a # or @ in front of iprntcmd. When installing many printers by this.

Resolution: Install iPrint Client version or later. Workaround: Use the command line tool iprntcmd from Mac or Linux to upload the driver. C:\WINDOWS\system32\bamfair.com C:\ WINDOWS\system32\bamfair.com Did you know the iPrint client (at least as of iPrint v as best I can tell) includes a command line utility called iprntcmd? Well, it does.

Anyone got this exe? I have Netware 6 SP3 but can't find this file or on the Novell site even though there are tids about it! Crys. OK, I have a unique situation, I am writing a service for Windows XP that basically shells iprntcmd with the -a arugment to install an iPrint prin The option positions used can be long and/or short positions in calls and puts.