Usb to ata/atapi bridge download


Usb to ata/atapi bridge

I recently upgraded to studio with win7 I kept my old drive to retrieve all documents thinking i could just put it in an external case plug it. I plug in my Thermaltake BlacX NUSU External Hard Drive SATA Enclosure Docking Station " & ". I go to "my computer" and the external hard drive does not show there yet when I plug it in, my computer recognizes that it was plugged in. Right click on the external hard drive. Now, neither drive is showing up in My Computer. In device manager, it says that my IDE/SATA to USB bridge is actually a USB to ATA/ATAPI.

However, on plugging the HDD in, all that shows as new in Devices and Printers is the following "USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge". The HDD that she. USB drive: The combination of a standard ATA or ATAPI drive and a USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge board, in order to create a fully functional. I can see it in devices (USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge) but i can't acces it. What i've done already: Computer Management-> Disk Management.

I recently purchased some IDE/SATA to USB cables and bpower supply to try and extract some data from an old hardive. When I plug it i, I hear. On Devices and Printers i see the adapted drive as "USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge. - On Disk Management Tool I see the C: drive as Disk 0, and the. However, all that happens is it detects the USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge, and in Device Manager I see USB Mass Storage Device, but then about a.